About Us

Over 24 years of consulting experience and institutional knowledge allows us to help clients avoid the normal difficulties associated with managing their technology systems. We listen carefully to gain perspective on the specific needs our clients have. Our experience also helps us to understand how much our clients rely on technology to run a successful business, meet the demands of their customers, and remain competitive in their market. We have taken over support for many customers where other providers have failed to understand those needs and provide the appropriate support or solutions.

it consultant trace shuler

Trace Shuler – Owner

Trace started Vandalay Technology Services because he realized several small businesses needed more personalized service to achieve their IT system goals. Trace has over 24 years’ experience in the Corporate, Banking, Legal, Real Estate, Medical and Engineering industries.

Over the last 24 years, Trace has used his training and expertise to work with his clients and gain knowledge to help improve productivity and processes for their IT systems. Trace’s dedication to customer service is the main reason Vandalay Technology has been successful since it started servicing clients in 2005 and continues to build lasting relationships with its customers and partners.

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